Flyyku:  Musings of a MF Monk

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“Everything in this book is about breaking free.

Revoking thought filters and challenging conditioned minds, it’s like the organic produce of a mind and soul that have grown naturally, sustained by a real, whole soul food.

It’s more of the kind of stuff we need to feed on to uplift and energize us, to realize our realness and to feel it both powerfully and persuasively in the core of our being.

Reading through Action’s musings reaches all the way up to that core, leaving the external interruptions of rules and conditions where they belong, which is nowhere near creativity.

It’s light is as radiant as it is uplifting and it represents Action’s personality perfectly as a Motivational Speaker, a Lit Life Coach and a Muthafuckin’ Monk.”

Inisa Fajra

Empowerment Leader, Author @Inisa.Fajra.Poetry

“Relatable, humorous, and easy to read, this book is a definite must if you are feeling lost and ready to harness your potential. ActionMF does a phenomenal job outlining easy steps one may take to improve their life, their reactions, and the outcomes of their choices. The Haikus and other poetry are truly joyous to read, and the methods and exercises portrayed are ones that I personally find very effective in every day Life. More people should be this “trill” (true and real) when they write and a lot can be learned from this piece!”

Katherine Camarata

Writer, Author, @katherinecamarata

“This book is amazing. I finished it in two days. It’s a book that will keep you reading. It’s spiritual, funny & trill af. It was very inspiring & made me realize I need to take more risk in my life. It was a book I needed at this time in my life and I will deff go back to it if I need some motivation throughout the day! Thank you for this gem ❤️ you’re bomb af keep motivating & inspiring people. I can’t wait until the next one actionMFFFFFFF 🙂🙂🙂”

Shanti Jackson (no relation)

Yoga Instructor, @shannntii

“Genuine & Prophetic! I’ve already read it several times and each time I find comfort, confirmation, and inspiration!”

Rxch Gautier

Artist, Innovator, @Rxchg

“Ah, something fresh and new that isn’t only filled with a good dose of humour, but also tons of food for thought to get you into the right mindset and awake a more motivated and better version of yourself!

Would definitely recommend it to anyone and especially those needing an extra push in the right direction 🙂

ActionMF is a great motivational speaker and life coach, with amazing mind, doing his thing and inspiring people worldwide.”

Inisa Fajra

Empowerment Leader, Author, @Inisa.Fajra.Poetry