Is low self-confidence stopping you from making power moves towards your dreams?

Do you have difficulty saying NO to loved ones, or even working up the confidence to say YES to the things you want?

Is your love life riddled with stories of shitty, emotionally stunted lovers cuz you’re just too damn nice and mufuckas just walk all over ya?

Do you establish boundaries made of weak ass wet cardboard, if at all? 

Does speaking up and making your needs known to your loved ones cause you fear? 

Do you feel like people take advantage of your kindness and generosity?

TLDR:  Are you SICK and muthafuckin’ TIRED of having trouble asserting yourself and puttin’ your muthafuckin’ foot down??


If you answered YES to any of those questions then got dammit let’s do something about it!  It’s time to make your EGO your AMIGO with the Ego ∞ Soul Integration Group Consultation!  Hit PLAY above for a little background info on your ego and how it’s one of your BEST MUTHAFUCKIN’ FRIENDS!


When your ego goes unchecked, you’re a selfish asshole.  When your ego is too weak, you’re a pushover and allow other people dictate YOUR life experience by controlling your EMOTIONS with THEIR OPINIONS AND ACTIONS, which really DON’T FUCKIN’ MATTER!


The goal is to be able to live and move from the highest perspective your SOUL while using your EGO as a tool to carve out your own piece of existence and create your own experience outside of the collective consciousness aka the rest of the muthafuckin’ world, and that’s what the fuck Ego ∞ Soul Integration is all about.

Hosted by ActionMF Jackson

The Lit Life Consultant x Muthafuckin’ Monk

“The Samuel L. Jackson of Spiritual Self-Improvement!”

“Action Jackson is the man that produces results in his own life therefore compelling you to take a dive into your own.  With that, Zo has been consistently present in my spiritual growth and my energetic awakening.

The way he guides and challenges my thought habits has been life changing.  I am not the easiest client to deal with has my challenges seem to be collectively recognized as difficult as hell. BUT this guy right here not only handles my challenging moments with ease but most definitely with humor and expertise that add quick solutions and massive life changes!”

Ashley Lynn

Speaker, Love Conductor

“My Soul is as LIT as the SUN!!!  For the past few months, I’ve felt stuck.  As if I’m ready to do my thang and lead my own business, but then… “I’m going nowhere.”  Thankfully my soul was heard by a Monk who was clear across the country. His posts and videos intrigued and inspired me. Then I saw he was coming to San Diego to do a Sun Soul Lit Tour and I couldn’t RSVP fast enough! Sunday was a day of soul searching and reconnecting with my purpose.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and wit ActionMF ! I appreciate you BIG time!”

Marcella Maggio

Speaker, Prevention Educator

“Recently I was asked to visit somebody in the hospital who had recently tried to take their own life.  I was a little nervous. The one person I called for guidance before I walked into the hospital was my dear friend and mentor, Alonzo “ActionMF” Jackson.

Alonzo is one of a handful of people who provide me spiritual and practical guidance that is immediately actionable. I love Alonzo like a brother and would trust him to provide guidance to my daughters.

If you want the best, world-class mentor to provide you with the highest level, actionable direction to help you overcome any situation you’re facing hire Alonzo. Pay him 2x whatever he’s asking because he’s worth 10x.  Best money you’ll ever invest because it’s an investment in your future and a healing of anything that’s happened in your past.”

Doug Allen

Speaker, Business Consultant,

Ya ego is some interesting shit.  On one hand, this mufucka will make you feel like shit or piss you off with jealous, insecure thoughts.  On the other, this mufucka will keep other mufuckas from steppin’ all over you and your boundaries and what you have to say.  Where your SOUL’s mission is to harmonize and merge into Oneness,  your EGO’s job is to challenge and contradict and separate you from the other billion muthafuckas on Earth.  Ego is IDENTITY.

In order to solidify your identity, your ego asserts itself and establishes differences between you and the people you interact with throughout your existence via both physical and non-physical actions and traits, such as ideas, values and morals.  This assertiveness is what enables us to create healthy boundaries and put our muthafuckin’ foot down when said boundaries are encroached upon.

Ego ∞ Soul Integration is a three hour group consultation with lifestyle consultant and spiritual adviser Alonzo “ActionMF” Jackson. Through lit aka enlightened conversation with like-visioned individuals and live intervention we’ll be solvin ya problems and shit on the spot, we’ll get to the bottom of your ego problem and get ya in action to get it right!  Here are a few of the topics we’ll touch on during this experience:


-Making your needs known and being heard.  Closed mouths don’t get fed, and if you don’t tell people how to treat you they’ll treat you any kind of way.

-Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with yourself and others.  You should be able to say no to your closest loved ones without fear of backlash.  

-Asserting yourself to go for what you want and putting your muthafuckin’ foot down instead of accepting less than you deserve.    

-Rejecting the FEAR of JUDGEMENT and regaining the ability to be your TRILL, AUTHENTIC SELF!  

-Finding the confidence to stand up for your authentic voice and to build and create the things you want to express both your infinite soul and your own unique personality during your time on Earth.

-Creating an air of less give a fuckness!  Solid boundaries keep bullshit opinions OUT, and if you don’t entertain thoughts that make you upset you don’t get upset!

-Cultivating a stronger relationship between you and your Soul or Higher Self or Inner Being or whatever ya call it!  In order to follow your higher calling you need stronger boundaries to keep out the small insignificant voices!  

“You probably don’t need to hear it from me but NEVER EVER STOP!  You have no idea how much you have helped me find my own voice.  I know it doesn’t seem like it but I am actually someone who knows self-hate really really well.  I know how hard the journey to self-love is and I now know how powerful it is to find it.  That’s why I am so passionate about my vision.  YOU have played a role in helping me overcome the fear of self-expression just by being you.  I can now start pursuing my dream of helping others in alignment with my truth.  Thank you!”

Celene Moon

Comedian, Soul Surgeon

“You are the REAL DEAL, and it was an honor to meet you and share space and time.  Not only is your energy dynamic, but your wisdom arrived right on time!

For those who question whether this is for you, if you feel even the slightest tug in your heart, follow it!  Your will NOT be disappointed.  Guaranteed.  We ALL need a wake up, shake up, lift up from time to time and this Muthafuckin’ Monk is a Leader for Leaders!”

Danae Ancesco

Psychic Medium, Shamanic Healer,

“Mr. Jackson is awesome. “ActionMF Jackson,” is the perfect name to describe him.  He’s had me taking action from our first meeting! If I were left to figure out where to begin with starting my own business, I’d STILL be trying figure it out.

I had no idea what to expect when I began searching for a coach, I just knew I needed help sorting things out and moving forward. I am very pleased with the coaching and guidance Mr. Jackson provides me with on our calls. He also checks in between calls, which tells me he actually cares about my progress and wants me to reach my goals as badly as I do!

Thank you ActionMF Jackson, I look forward to continuing to receive your guidance as I become who I want to be!”

D'Aydra Allen

Owner, ECA Construction


I’m offering the Ego ∞ Soul Integration Group Consultation for an investment of $180, cuz one plus eight equals NINE.  Oh, and we goin’ BOGO wit it! RSVP ASAP and you can bring a friend for FREE!

As for the simple math, in numerology the number 9 is the symbol of wisdom and initiation, of completion and resolution.  It represents enlightenment and spiritual awakening, and it is the last number before the next harmony.  Number 9 indicates that it is time to end a phase or situation that is no longer serving you in a positive way, and this workshop, if you feel it in your heart to attend, will play a significant role in ending old cycles and bringing in the new. 

The Ego ∞ Soul Integration Group Consultation is limited to NINE pairs so the first NINE people to RSVP are IN!  See ya soon!  PEACE!


Location TBD