Do you meditate and say fuck from time to time?  Perhaps even a lot?  Like waaaay more than the average person?  Actually could that be your FAVORITE word?


Are ya lookin’ for some no non-sense non-judgmental down to earth spiritual guidance with practical application to help ya use your inner shine to burn away your bullshit limiting beliefs so you can get aligned to ya higher self aka ya SOUL and live life from a higher, Divine perspective?


Maybe you just want more aligned perspectives on your current situations so you can a few hundred breakthroughs and get some clarity and closure on them chronic issues?

If ya felt any of that hit the mark then a Lit Life Consulting Day with the Lit Life Consultant x Muthafuckin’ Monk is EXACTLY solution you’ve been lookin’ for!  If ya made it this far ya might as well read on!

Lit is high energy.  If I say I’m lit I mean I’m currently experiencing and intentionally emitting high energy emotions like happiness, passion and joy.  If I say an event will be lit I mean it’s gonna be an intensely enlightening experience. Lit is the state of being when you’re shining at your brightest, living your LIGHT, truth and passion and being aligned to your SOUL.  You become like a miniature sun when you live like this.  And the secret to being lit and living a life of enjoying and emitting joy and happiness and creating high vibe situations is maintaining your own joy and happiness, your own vibe.  Living LIT is like living at your peak state, operating at optimal levels, and the secret to living life lit lies in EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT.  When you live life LIT you are being the LIGHT and are uninhibited by DARKNESS.  Darkness is only uncertainty and confusion, and living from a consistently Lit perspective and keeping your vibe high you’re consistently shining and revealing all of your paths and solutions.

Then there’s Life.  Your life is basically the extensive string of moments you experience from birth to death.  Therefore a Lit Life is a string of lit moments you live through.  Sometimes life throws us moments that ain’t ideal, but this is where EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT comes in.  Happiness is a choice and it’s up to us to view all situations from the perspective where we can maintain or return to our Lit state, which is alignment to the Soul.

Your life is the day to day shit, but I also refer to the Source/Universe/God as Life itself.  Yes there is a higher power, and we can access it via our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. Basically, living a more lit life not only makes for a happier life, it allows for that connection with Life to flow freely so we can receive our blessings and manifestations we create.  Consider Life the infinite, non-physical portion of you. We are ALWAYS connected to this non-physical portion and we ALWAYS have access to the INFINITE LITNESS.  The strength of the connection depends on our FOCUS.  Your FOCUS determines your THOUGHTS, which in turn trigger your EMOTIONS, your ENERGY.  The key isn’t to just be LIT 24/7, which is impossible.  The key is in the AWARENESS of your EMOTIONS so you can turn the litness back on when as soon as possible when ya fall off track!  Playas fuck up, and the smart ones don’t dwell on it!  Ya SOUL ain’t trippin’ and neither should you!

And then there’s Consulting, previously Coaching.  By definition a consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally.  Ever hear someone say they wish they had a personal trainer to smack the no-no foods outta their hands just when they’re about to eat it, to help ‘em lose weight and reach their fitness goals?  Lit Life Consulting is kinda like that, except you contact me WHENEVER you NEED to so we can work through the murky shit and getcha back on track. Fuck that down time due to rampant emotions or indecision and shit, every moment wasted living in fear is a moment we can’t get back!



Alonzo “ActionMF” Jackson

The Lit Life Consultant x Muthafuckin’ Monk

“The Samuel L. Jackson of Spiritual Self-Improvement!”

Author of Flyyku:  Musings of a MF Monk

When you’re aligned to your Soul you see all options equally and have no emotional attachments. Once you attach emotions you cant accurately evaluate your options. You tend to stay stuck in the place you’re at cuz youve been makin’ that emotional attachment for so long.


What I do is maintain alignment and detachment on my part to help you see new perspectives that lead to new options and actions, one’s you’ve been missing due to misalignment. Our consulting day will help you gain new perspectives on old shit to make new moves towards elusive goals.


“Action Jackson is the man that produces results in his own life therefore compelling you to take a dive into your own.  With that, Zo has been consistently present in my spiritual growth and my energetic awakening.

The way he guides and challenges my thought habits has been life changing.  I am not the easiest client to deal with has my challenges seem to be collectively recognized as difficult as hell. BUT this guy right here not only handles my challenging moments with ease but most definitely with humor and expertise that add quick solutions and massive life changes!”

Ashley Lynn

Speaker, Love Conductor

“My Soul is as LIT as the SUN!!!  For the past few months, I’ve felt stuck.  As if I’m ready to do my thang and lead my own business, but then… “I’m going nowhere.”  Thankfully my soul was heard by a Monk who was clear across the country. His posts and videos intrigued and inspired me. Then I saw he was coming to San Diego to do a Sun Soul Lit Tour and I couldn’t RSVP fast enough! Sunday was a day of soul searching and reconnecting with my purpose.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and wit ActionMF ! I appreciate you BIG time!”

Marcella Maggio

Speaker, Prevention Educator

“Recently I was asked to visit somebody in the hospital who had recently tried to take their own life.  I was a little nervous. The one person I called for guidance before I walked into the hospital was my dear friend and mentor, Alonzo “ActionMF” Jackson.

Alonzo is one of a handful of people who provide me spiritual and practical guidance that is immediately actionable. I love Alonzo like a brother and would trust him to provide guidance to my daughters.

If you want the best, world-class mentor to provide you with the highest level, actionable direction to help you overcome any situation you’re facing hire Alonzo. Pay him 2x whatever he’s asking because he’s worth 10x.  Best money you’ll ever invest because it’s an investment in your future and a healing of anything that’s happened in your past.”

Doug Allen

Speaker, Business Consultant,

So basically as the Lit Life Consultant x MF Monk, I shine my own mufuckin’ sunshine on your clouds of confusion to remind you of your own inner light and help ya regain clarity.  I’ll help ya know what the fuck ya need to know so you can do what the fuck you need to do!  Lemme explain:

Right now there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be.  You’re stuck on one side of the gap and the key to closing this gap and getting to your goal is gaining clarity and havin’ a breakthrough.  A breakthrough can be defined as “any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase, as in scientific knowledge or diplomacy, that removes a barrier to progress.”

Breakthroughs only happen when you have a perspective shift that leads to an “Oh shit!” moment.  That’s basically when you realize something beneficial that you hadn’t realized before and in this case it’s a way of looking at things.  For me it goes “Oooooh shit!  I never thought of that shit that way!” and then I look at shit THAT way and have a new way to go!

All breakthroughs begin with a new level of awareness in one of 3 areas: psychology, strategies and implementation.  The reason you haven’t already had your breakthrough is due to old thought patterns and habits that don’t serve you and keep you living in a loop.  Nothing new can happen without a new possibility being presented.  In order to see new, better possibilities you need to see your situation from new, better perspectives. 

When we operate from higher vibes we are a match to the higher perspective and therefore “know” more of what we need to know to move forward intuitively.  What I’ll do is maintain alignment and detachment from your problems to help you see new perspectives that lead to new options and actions, one’s you’ve been missing due to misalignment. Our consulting day will help you gain new perspectives on old shit to make new moves towards elusive goals.  I’ll also be helping you shift your thought patterns so you can live life more lit even after your consulting day is done!

“You probably don’t need to hear it from me but NEVER EVER STOP!  You have no idea how much you have helped me find my own voice.  I know it doesn’t seem like it but I am actually someone who knows self-hate really really well.  I know how hard the journey to self-love is and I now know how powerful it is to find it.  That’s why I am so passionate about my vision.  YOU have played a role in helping me overcome the fear of self-expression just by being you.  I can now start pursuing my dream of helping others in alignment with my truth.  Thank you!”

Celene Moon

Comedian, Soul Surgeon

“You are the REAL DEAL, and it was an honor to meet you and share space and time.  Not only is your energy dynamic, but your wisdom arrived right on time!

For those who question whether this is for you, if you feel even the slightest tug in your heart, follow it!  Your will NOT be disappointed.  Guaranteed.  We ALL need a wake up, shake up, lift up from time to time and this Muthafuckin’ Monk is a Leader for Leaders!”

Danae Ancesco

Psychic Medium, Shamanic Healer,

“Mr. Jackson is awesome. “ActionMF Jackson,” is the perfect name to describe him.  He’s had me taking action from our first meeting! If I were left to figure out where to begin with starting my own business, I’d STILL be trying figure it out.

I had no idea what to expect when I began searching for a coach, I just knew I needed help sorting things out and moving forward. I am very pleased with the coaching and guidance Mr. Jackson provides me with on our calls. He also checks in between calls, which tells me he actually cares about my progress and wants me to reach my goals as badly as I do!

Thank you ActionMF Jackson, I look forward to continuing to receive your guidance as I become who I want to be!”

D'Aydra Allen

Owner, ECA Construction


I’m offering the Lit Life Consultation Day for an investment of $360, cuz three plus six equals NINE.  I gotta do full on consulting days cuz I don’t mind talkin’ for a few hours to go through your whole mufuckin LIFE with you and get aaaallllll ya shit straight!  

As for the simple math, in numerology the number 9 is the symbol of wisdom and initiation, of completion and resolution.  It represents enlightenment and spiritual awakening, and it is the last number before the next harmony.  Number 9 indicates that it is time to end a phase or situation that is no longer serving you in a positive way, and this workshop, if you feel it in your heart to attend, will play a significant role in ending old cycles and bringing in the new. 

Bring me all the limits you believe are keepin’ you from livin’ at your littest and we’ll breakthrough as many as we can!  We got aaaaall muthafuckin’ day!  Talk to ya soon!  PEACE!