ATTENTION:  Successful Entrepreneurs That Meditate and Say Fuck A Lot

How to Quickly Achieve Emotional Mastery WITHOUT Meditation, Yoga or Expensive Vacations that Take You Away from Your Business…While Having A Whooooole Lot of Muthafuckin’ FUN!


What is Lit Life Consulting?

Let’s break this mufucka down word by word:

Lit is high energy.  If I say I’m lit I mean I’m currently experiencing and intentionally emitting high energy emotions like happiness, passion and joy.  If I say an event will be lit I mean it’s gonna be an intensely enlightening experience. Lit is the state of being when you’re shining at your brightest, living your LIGHT, truth and passion and being aligned to your SOUL. .  You become like a miniature sun when you live like this.  And the secret to being lit and living a life of enjoying and emitting joy and happiness and creating high vibe situations is maintaining your own joy and happiness, your own vibe.  Living LIT is like living at your peak state, operating at optimal levels, and the secret to living life lit lies in EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT.  When you live life LIT you are being the LIGHT and are uninhibited by DARKNESS.  Darkness is only uncertainty and confusion, and living from a consistently Lit perspective keeps your vibe and perspective high by shining and revealing all paths and answers.

Then there’s Life.  Your life is basically the extensive string of moments you experience from birth to death.  Therefore a Lit Life is a string of lit moments you live through.  Sometimes life throws us moments that ain’t ideal, but this is where EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT comes in.  Happiness is a choice and it’s up to us to view all situations from the perspective where we can maintain or return to our Lit state, which is alignment to the Soul.

Your life is the day to day shit, but I also refer to the Source/Universe/God as Life itself.  Yes there is a higher power, and we can access it via our FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. Basically, living a more lit life not only makes for a happier life, it allows for that connection with Life to flow freely so we can receive our blessings and manifestations we create.  Consider Life the infinite, non-physical portion of you. We are ALWAYS connected to this non-physical portion and we ALWAYS have access to the INFINITE LITNESS.  The strength of the connection depends on our FOCUS.  Your FOCUS determines your THOUGHTS, which in turn trigger your EMOTIONS, your ENERGY.  The key isn’t to just be LIT 24/7, which is impossible.  The key is in the AWARENESS of your EMOTIONS!

And then there’s Consulting, previously Coaching.  By definition a consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally.  Ever hear someone say they wish they had a personal trainer to smack the no-no foods outta their hands just when they’re about to eat it, to help ‘em lose weight and reach their fitness goals?  Lit Life Consulting is kinda like that, except you contact me WHENEVER you NEED to so we can work through the murky shit and getcha back on track. Fuck that down time due to rampant emotions or indecision and shit, we got LIVES to LIVE and dope shit to accomplish and a WORLD TO CHANGE!

There was a key distinction that made me change this from coach to consultant. When I was consulting I was pretty much on retainer and available whenever for a quarterly investment.  Then I was pretty much consulting and doing the work for the client. Most coaches sell one off sessions, which are coo but then ya ass is on ya own to handle shit til the next session. Through my own experience with having a mastermind group for constant support and my own biz consulting I’ve noticed that consistent effort accelerates any and everything, and in this case it accelerates changing habits for the better and making a lifestyle change for a happier, more passionate life. Hell ya can’t get much more consistent than having a mufucka on speed dial!


Alonzo “ActionMF” Jackson

The Lit Life Consultant x Muthafuckin’ Monk

“The Samuel L. Jackson of Self-Improvement”

If you dont already know who tf I am, I’m Action Muthafuckin’ Jackson.  Picked that up during my stint in the Navy, on board the USS PELELIU LHA-5.  This dude I worked with would be like “Action…Muthafuckin…Jackson” in like the chillest, most reverent voice and be noddin’ his head and dap me up every time he saw me and it would crack me and whoever else was listenin’ up.  Then it caught on around the ship and I made the decision to build my entire identity around bein’ ALWAYS bout that action, and even though it got me in trouble back the it evolved into always being about gettin’ shit done and progressive forward motion!  I also used the ActionMF moniker for my fitness brand as Action Muscle and Fitness and my coaching brand as Action Mobilizes Fruition.


When I finally finished my four years and got out of the Navy I chilled for the next three years aka I coasted on my 36 months of GI Bill benefits.  Fuck it, I earned that shit!  As long as I was taking a certain amount of hours the Navy was paying out for housing so I spent my time pursuing an acting career and eventually getting into some modeling and promotional work.  Thanks to the GI Bill I was really able to figure out what I really enjoyed doing, which was really just performing and having a good time with people.  But as the benefits started dwindling and the whole acting/modeling thing being too inconsistent with the work, I decided to become a personal trainer.  Part of maintaining litness is maintaining the physical body and I was already into fitness like a mufucka, might as well make my passion a paycheck!

So after wasting time and most of my GI Bill money on paying for college, I found out I could use my benefits to take a six-month course at the National Personal Training Institute and went for it.  I focused tf up and powered through the course, got my NASM certification 2 months before the end of the class and had my first full-time certified personal training gig at a major chain a month I graduated.  Action was in full effect!

I was doing my thang at the job and quit after 3 months due to muthafuckas not wanting me to train and build my own brand on the side.  I was using IG for marketing pretty successfully and someone at the gym who saw me on IG tipped them mufuckas off.  I didn’t quit right out AND I was gonna keep doin’ my thang but the next time a muthafucka asked me bout some cold calls I was out.  I didn’t really have a plan, I just know ain’t no muthafucka gonna put me in a cage.  Muthafuckas think that just cuz they cuttin’ checks they can control you.  I think the fuck not!  And that was my final gig as an employee.

You know the cliché’ about goin’ out on ya own and failin’ like a mf?  That shit is cliche for a reason, I was fucked up in the game for a minute struggling to get enough biz so money wouldn’t be so heavy on my mind all the time.  I think it’s really been me being impatient and wanting things to move faster and being BROKE AF is what was stressing me out.

Anyways I’m doin a lil biz, I’ve got a few clients but not enough, so I start watchin’ a shit ton of marketing shit to step my biz game up and even more self-improvement shit to steel my mind against the negative shit my old habits of thought decided to jump to every time it seemed like things were going  wrong.  You can ball up like a bitch or G the fuck up.  Not really an option there if ya ask me so I always opt for the latter.

About 3 months after I quit my job and into self-improvement and business shit on YouTube, I met my first millionaire mentor, Ed Rush.  He was actually a client who found me on this website for personal trainers I’d signed up on months before.  When I got the alert it mentioned house calls and I was actually doubting if I’d be able to actually afford the gas to get there and food for the week.  In the end I was like fuck it, Imma go for this shit and figure this shit out as I go along.  Damn good thing too, this guy taught me business consulting and branding. I later used that knowledge to start my own biz consulting business for IG marketing.  He was the one who helped me realize I could use my knowledge of IG to build a business back in 2014, before IG was even optimized for business.  Ed helped me see the possibilities in Instagram marketing using his perspective as a successful consultant to shine light on my situation in places I hadn’t thought to look.  His perspective lead me to some life changing results!


  Ed also invited me join his mastermind group, the Top Gun 10k Consulting mastermind and attend his mastermind events, which are just workshops and retreats where smart, successful like-visioned mufuckas come together to share knowledge and network and get smarter and have more success basically.  This was a massive blessing considering I definitely did NOT have the $10k necessary to buy in to the group!

At my very first business consulting event with this Ed, I met my second millionaire mentor Doug Allen, and after doing some talking about fitness he asked if I wanted to write some books on fitness.  At this point I’ve only been a trainer for like six months and I’ve barely got a business, at least that’s what my bank account is telling me!  I was kinda reluctant to take him up on that offer but in the end I was like fuck it, I’m Action Muthafuckin’ Jackson and like the name say I’m bout that action!

After that we went and some drinks and kicked it, and the next morning I came over to his pad and we got to work.  That was a Friday.  By Monday we had two fitness books completed and self-published on  One was a solo book for me and the other was a collab between his daughter and I on fitness for kids.  We also did a ridiculous amount t of videos for content marketing.  This mufucka showed me a whole nother level of bein’ bout that action.

Thanks to his guidance and encouragement, I actually ended up on the mindset panel of a major marketing event for the accomplishments with the books and videos.  I was on edge a bit about that shit too.  I would be in a room full of muthafuckas with businesses that were actually flowing and makin’ money, some of which had already hit 7 figures and were lookin’ to kick it up a notch.   I let Doug know I how I was feelin’.  The fuck did my broke ass have to share with them people??

He told me my personality.  And that was a muthafuckin’ GAMECHANGER, cuz if there’s anything I definitely KNOW for a FACT is that I’m lit than a mufucka and I’m bout that muthafuckin’ ACTION!  All I know is I said some heartfelt shit and some shit about getting’ lit aka getting into an optimal mood as soon as I wake up by setting one of my favorite songs to my alarm.  That way ya wake up jamming.  By the way, the song was Mary by Curren$y.  The fuckin’ BEST.

Doug also brought me in on his mastermind group, The Destiny Partnership, and at my second retreat with them he introduced me to the muthafuckin’ Monk. Well, I’m the Muthafuckin’ Monk but that’s the expression usage when referring to a muthafucka as a “muthafucka,” an expression of awe, admiration and respect.

Anyways we spent 3 days with MONK monk and world-renowned spiritual leader Ananda Giri. He and Doug used to have adventures traveling around teachin’ mufuckas to how to live better lives.  Doug’s got a solid handle on business having created his own success and teaching Tony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery classes, and this event was called The Spirit of Entrepreneurship and focused on cultivating and combining the two.

Near the end of the event I asked him what he thought was the most important thing to take from the experience and share with others and he told me happiness.   And shiiiiit I just turnt up the muthafuckin juice!  I was already live and kickin’ off the high vibes but now I had PURPOSE and understood just how important it was! And I had all this biz consulting/branding knowledge now so I could effectively build my brand and market my shit! And after a few more years of biz consulting and hosting and MC-ing and corporate leadership dev shit, after a Divinely guided DM from a friend I was encouraged to just drop the corporate shit, cut out on my own, be myself and build from there. And that’s when the Lit Life Coach x MF Monk brand was born.


The “Muthafuckin’ Monk” Breakdown

Once again word by word:

There’s Muthafuckin’, like when you shake your head and just be like “This mufucka here” accompanied by pretty much ANY emotion.  It could be in amusement after a friend says something ridiculous.  It could be in anger as some muthafucka won’t let you in in heavy traffic.  It can be in approval if reference to your significant other and their choice of outfit for yall date.  Muthafuckin’ represents the wiiiiiide variety of fluctuating emotions, which is a part of being human.  I aint perfect, I’ve experienced a life that has shaped my personality outside of the consistent vibe of my Soul and given me habits that have inhibited my flow with Life, but I strive for ascension daily.  Maintaining a steady alignment to my Soul is my TOP priority.  Interestingly enough, I was named for a character in a song who “must reach to Heaven.”

Then there’s the Monk part, the part that is LOVE LIGHT AND LITNESS on the SOUL level.  This is the infinite non-physical part of us that connects us to all energy and doesn’t suffer from the density of the physical body and therefore only knows the highest vibes, emotions of joy and happiness and passion.  This part is constantly reaching out to you to come back towards the LIGHT when you’re focus is fucked up and you can’t see the bigger picture.  I really be out here on this Monk shit, doing everything from three day shamanic fasts in the desert to isolation tanks and plant medicine to grow closer to my higher self.  After aaaallllll that I’ve come to find it’s all in your FOCUS and BELIEFS! 

With all that being said, as the Lit Life Consultant x Muthafuckin’ Monk I help mufuckas manage their energy by maintaining their focus to help them live lives driven by the high vibe emotions.  This is not to say you’ll never hit lows, but Lit Life Consulting will help you create a habit of AWARENESS so you can know when and how to move back into the Light when you get caught up in the darkness of confusion.  This will ensure will have more clarity, feel more confident and achieve even more than you have already without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or unfulfilled ever again, even after our time together has finished.


What You Get with Lit Life Consulting

Basically I’m your personal Muthafuckin’ Monk, and over the course of our contract I’ll help you stay on that high vibe track.  Bein’ Lit is all about maintaining happiness and similar vibes via focus and living life taking action from that energy.  What I do is shine my own muthafuckin’ sunshine on ya clouds of confusion to help ya gain clarity.  I’ll help ya know what the fuck ya need to know so you can do what the fuck you need to do, and remind you of how to shine like that too!

Knowing what you need to know and doing what you need to do is pretty important in achieving goals and creating your life in general too.  Right now, there’s an emotional gap in your life. There’s somewhere you want to be in some physically tangible area of your life, whether your it’s your relationships or your financial status, and because you aren’t there you feel pain or lack.

Because the gap is emotional it’s ENERGETIC.  Since our THOUGHTS create our EMOTIONS, maintaining what we THINK  about, what we FOCUS on is the way to manage our energy.  The gap is really one between you and your Soul or your higher self, which is ALWAYS focusing from the highest perspective.  Yall focus ain’t lining up so you feel discord, but that discord is really the Light callin’ you back to clarity.  By managing our focus and perspectives which control our emotions and cultivating the habit of focusing on better feeling shit we can manage and even close the gap. 

So the higher vibes close the gap energetically, and as the gap closes we become more clear about our direction physically, mainly because we don’t spend time swimming in circles wasting our focus on negative shit.  And as we take action from the Lit standpoint the physical gap between you and what you want begins to close.   That’s what bein’ Lit is all about.  Living a lit life is basically having consistent awareness of your energy levels and accepting your responsibility and power in managing them, then watching as your entire fucking LIFE shifts gears.  My job is to guide you in staying consistently aligned to your Soul so it doesn’t take as long as it would goin’ it alone.

Having a shitty mornin’? I’m there to help you shift your focus and bring your muthafuckin’ sunshine back. Mind you I will not BE your sunshine cuz that would defeat the fuckin’ purpose.  I’m there to help you develop the habit of living LIFE Lit, from a higher perspective by constantly showing you the higher perspective.  I don’t have emotional attachments to your situations so I can remain a beacon of clarity.  

Need to make tough decisions? I’ll help make sure you move in LOVE for YASELF and not the FEAR of lack.  The energy we take action with affects our outcomes, and makin’ moves movin’ from a bad position energetically can only result in outcomes of the same vibe!

Problems with family members? I’ll remind you that you have no control over what other people do so it’s YOUR fault for allowing them to overstep their boundaries and help you getcha shit straight.

Relationship issues? I’ll help you find your faults so you can see what it is within creating this energy. You can NEVER control what other people do, so we are the root of our relationship issues.  

The most basic way to stay aligned is to embrace every moment like you chose it. Focus on satisfying thoughts and satisfying outcomes as opposed to your current conditions.  That’s what unconditional love is, loving LIFE without letting the conditions fuck with you.  Focusing on unwanted current conditions aligns you to the vibe of current conditions, which perpetuates the energy said current conditions.   You basically live in a loop.  I’ll help you train your mind to habitually move away from shitty thoughts and into better feelings ones.  More appreciation and less expectation leads to easier flow and creation. Your higher-self only knows higher vibrations, and in order to align to it you need to FEEL higher vibrations aka positive emotions.  Together we will make the higher perspective your go-to view.

Lit Life Consulting is For…

-LEADERS who want to master their focus to have more impact and more influence at work, and home and out in the world!  We all about SHININ’ our BRIGHTEST over here!

-People who want to have perspective shifting breakthrough inducing enlightening and entertaining conversations as often as possible!  Constant growth plus constant inspiration equals constant forward ACTION!  Action Mobilizes Fruition!

-Folks who know that having a person there who can keep it trill with you and call you on your bullshit will help you make better decisions and stay on track.

-Anyone who wants to develop a better relationship to your Soul or higher-self and the be better able to access genius that is your intuition.

-People who are LIT and wanna be MORE LIT!  Or you’re not lit at all but you WANT to be MORE LIT!  Even the

-Purpose driven entrepreneurs who want to do their thang and deliver their message far above and beyond what they’ve been doing.  I’ll show you how to tap into and FOCUS your TRILLNESS (TRUTH and REALNESS, or AUTHENTICITY for the lingo impaired) aka your INNER LIGHT to burn out the BULLSHIT LIMITING BELIEFS, have GREATER IMPACT on the WORLD and to SHINE like the MUTHAFUCKIN’ SUN!

Apply for Lit Life Consulting

I’m offering my Lit Life Consultant services on retainer for an investment of $1800 for one month or $4500 for three months.  You can apply by contacting me via the four question application below.

The best way to get to know if you’re a good fit for this program is through a conversation, and that way you can ask me any questions you may have as well.  If I’m feeling the answers to the first part of your application, the second part will be a one on one talk.  We’ll get on a phone call and shoot the shit, and If we both feel like our paths have been guided to cross and merge together for a greater good then I’ll send over a short contract.  You’ll OK and digitally sign and send it back, you’ll wire the money and we’ll get started right away.  And even if you don’t make the cut for the long term consulting I’ll still be able to impart some insight during our convo!

If you hadn’t already noticed the numbers in each consulting package, one and eight and four and five, add up to nine. As for the simple math, in numerology the number 9 is the symbol of wisdom and initiation, of completion and resolution.  It represents enlightenment and spiritual awakening, and it is the last number before the next harmony.  Number 9 indicates that it is time to end a phase or situation that is no longer serving you in a positive way and start on a, if I can see us working together, will play a SIGNIFICANT role in ending old cycles and bringing in the new.


Lit Life Consulting is NOT for…


-People who aren’t going to follow through.  

-Fake mufuckas.  This is all about TRILLNESS aka AUTHENTICITY!  Aren’t you at your happiest when you can just cut loose and be yaself?

-Procrastinating mufuckas.  Nope.

-People who gotta be RIGHT all the time!  Mufuckas like that don’t really want to learn shit, they just wanna be RIGHT!  Don’t strive for RIGHT strive for UNDERSTANDING!

-People who looooove making EXCUSES!  You can have results or excuses, can’t have both!  And if you said you can have excuses some times, that’s sucka shit cuz that’s time that coulda been spent on results.

-People who aren’t willing to take responsibility for how they feel.  Our emotions are OUR reactions, and until you can stop blaming others for how you react you’ll always be expecting others to change for you.

-People who not willing to let go of detrimental old habits and thought patterns. Most mufuckas get too much attention from their pain to let it go without a fight and I don’t fight nobody on nothin’.  The path of LEAST resistance is the Muthfuckin’ Monk way!


Of course I’m only ONE person and I do have a life of my own to live, so in order to maintain order I only accept up to SIX clients at once during any three month consulting period.

So if you feel like you’ve been waiting for the right consultant who’s “been there and done that” to fall out of the sky to help you create your vision, and if you feel like having a high-level peer group who cares about your success as much as you do, and if you’re finally ready to step into your greatness… then I created this exactly for you.  NOW LET’S GET THIS MUTHAFUCKA POPPIN!

12 + 9 =