About ActionMF Jackson

The Lit Life Consultant x Muthafuckin’ Monk


Ayyyye what’s happenin’!  Nice to “meet” ya and I hope you’re having a dope one!  I’m Alonzo, but the really cool folks call me ActionMF Jackson!  I picked up that nickname during my stint in the Navy on board the USS Peleliu LHA-5.  Knowing the colorful language sailors use you can probably guess what the MF is in some circles but for all intents and purposes, ActionMF stands for Action Mobilizes Fruition. . .unless you say my whole name then it’s Action Muthafuckin’ Jackson!

I swapped the MFs and cleaned it up a lil when I dedicated my life to entrepreneurial pursuits.  As far as those go, aside from being The Lit Life Consultant x Muthafuckin’ Monk, I’m a 2x best-selling fitness author, NASM certified personal trainer, fitness personality (Action Muscle and Fitness, another MF swap lol), branding and positioning consultant, social media marketer, actor, brand ambassador, emcee and Disruptive Design Lead for Leadership Masters, a company that develops leadership development programs for Fortune 500 companies (they don’t call me ACTION for nothing). 

A few years ago at a MAJOR turning point in my life I was fortunate to have spent a few days with world renowned spiritual leader and monk Ananda Giri.  When I asked him what I could take from the experience to share with the world, he told me happiness.  And years later, after trying to figure out this entrepreneurial shit I finally said FUCK IT, followed my HEART and decided to build my biz and brand as THE Lit Life Coach x Muthafuckin’ Monk!  As The Lit Life Consultant x MF Monk, I help people to achieve happiness and spiritual harmony and live life LIT!  It’s all about Truth, Light and Trill Shit round these parts!

Lit is the state of being when you’re shining at your brightest cuz your LIVING your truth and passion.  Lit is being you’re authentic self, intentionally affecting the vibe around you with your own.  You become like a miniature sun when you live like this, emitting joy and happiness with your very being and becoming powerfully attractive and influential.  By helping people to to live life lit, I’m creating a new wave of leaders.  Leaders that lead from the heart and shine like the muthafuckin’ Sun, and if you’re reading this then you must be one of those leaders!